Flex Day 2018/2019

  • A flex day is a professional development day in which professional staff may choose when to complete personalized professional learning. The topic or focus of all activities for the 2018/2019 school year will align with one of the following District Focal Points:

    • Literacy
      • reading, writing, listening, and speaking across the content areas
    • STE(A)M Principles
      • inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, design thinking, blended learning
    • Differentiated Instruction
      • instruction that is assessment driven, responsive, and engaging
    • Curriculum & Assessment Development
      • completion of district curriculum unit maps
      • development of common assessments  


    Quick Links:          Flex Proposal Form              Flex Report Form

    New for 2018/2019: As we work on developing a district-wide Literacy Framework, each teacher is asked to self-assess his/her understanding and application of best practices in literacy. All teachers are required to focus 6 hours of their Flex Day learning on teaching student literacy skills.  

    What can I do?

    The following are some examples of professional development activities which may earn Act 48/Flex credit:

    • Workshop/conference
    • Professional Literature Study - read these guidelines
    • Write/revise curriculum
    • Collaboratively develop common assessments
    • Online learning through SAS, Berks IU, or other reliable provider

     “Professional development” here is defined as professional learning relating to your area of certification which qualifies for Act 48 credit.  (Read this for more details.) In general, professional development:

    • has measurable learning objectives,
    • actively engages participants in meeting the objective through exposure to evidenced-based research/materials, and
    • includes an expectation of implementing the learning in the classroom/on the job in order to improve student outcomes.


    TIP: Connect your Flex Day learning with your SLO and with your professional goals!

     Flex Program Guidelines:

    1. All professional learning activities must occur outside of the regular work day.
    2. There will be no additional compensation (pay) for additional flex activities completed during any school year.
    3. Flex hours cannot be “banked” for a future school year.
    4. If a teacher chooses to work on a flex day during the school year (see dates below), the professional learning activity will be directed by an administrator.
    5. Flex days are not approved until you receive written confirmation from your principal.
    6. In order to take off the days identified in the school calendar as Flex Days (1/18/19 and 6/6/19), between June 14, 2018 and the deadlines noted below, twelve (12) hours of professional learning must be…
      1. approved by your principal by a written response to your Flex Proposal Form
      2. completed, and
      3. documented via the Flex Report Form

    Secondary Math Teachers, please remember that your department is focusing on improving outcomes for low-achieving math students. Please refer to information from Mrs. Sandler.

    2018/2019 PROCESS & TIMELINE

    Flex Day #1 = January 18, 2019                    Flex Day #2 = June 6, 2019 (pending snow-days)

    • 5/1/18: Flex Day Proposals (sign-ups) open. Submit Flex Proposal.
    • 6/14/18: First day for flex activities for the 2018/2019 school year.
    • 11/1/18: Teachers without approved proposals will receive e-mail from principal.  
    • 12/14/18: Flex Report for the first six (6) hours due.
    • 1/4/19: Principals will e-mail teachers required to attend 1/21/19 Flex Day.  
    • 1/11/19: Curriculum Coordinator will e-mail schedule for January Flex In-service.
    • 5/10/19: Flex Report for the second six (6) hours due.
    • 5/17/19: Principals will e-mail teachers required to attend 6/6/19 Flex Day.
    • 5/24/19: Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development will e-mail schedule for June Flex In-service.