Services for Gifted Students (Chapter 16)

  • In compliance with state law, the Kutztown Area School District provides services designed to meet the unique needs of students eligible for gifted services and all students partaking in enrichment opportunities.  The Kutztown Area School District identifies "gifted" students on a case by case basis based on state law and District policy.  Such students may possess superior IQ scores or meet multiple criteria indicating gifted ability.  If your child is suspected to be in need of such services, you will be notified of evaluation procedures.  If you believe your school age child may qualify for gifted education services, you may contact the District at any time to request a determination of eligibility.  Please note that entitlement to gifted services includes only those rights provided for by Pennsylvania law.  For additional assistance please call Dr. Steven Leever, Assistant Superintendent, at (610) 683-7361 ext.5522 or email at

    To learn more about Chapter 16, including the Notice of Parental Rights for Gifted Students, click on the link below.

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