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         This page is designed to share current health information, particularly as it relates to school-age children. The focus will be on how parents, the community, and school health services work together to ensure that all children maintain an optimal state of health so they can fully benefit from the classroom experience. The goal is to promote lifelong, healthy living through health promotion, correction of health problems, and adjustments to handicapping conditions. Ensuring each child's health provides a safe and healthy environment for all children.


    • If your child has a fever greater than 99.9 they must stay home for 24 hours.  They may return to school when they are fever free without medication (i.e.Tylenol, Ibuprofen) for 24 hours.
    • If your child has vomiting, diarrhea or a severe cough they should stay home for 24 hours.
    • Special Health Needs - If your child has special health needs, please inform the nurse each year so that accommodations can be arranged.
    • Medication At School - All medications regardless of being prescription and/or over the counter must have a physician's order.  In addition, a parent/guardian signature is required.  The forms for all medications may be found on the this website.
    • Just a reminder that there are a number of students with food allergies.  Please consider these other students if you are planning on sending food in to be shared with students.  
    • Please note, in accordance with the PA School Code, school nurses and staff nurses do not treat illness or accidents that have occurred outside the school's jurisdiction.


    Nurse Contact Information

    Brenda Loeb RN, BSN, CSN, M.Ed Certified School Nurse

    Phone 610-683-7346 ext. 5544

    Fax - 610-683-6796

    Email -


    Carol Fairchild LPN

    Phone 610-683-3575 ext.  5535

    Fax - 610-683-7386

    Email -