About Your Library


    The KAHS Library is your place to relax, read, listen or view! You can complete homework, get help with a research project, or use the design lab!

    Dr. Boyer is here to assist you in exploring your ideas, finding awesome resources, or simply finding a great book to read!

    Visit us soon!  Sign-in at the library during your study halls, or stop by before or after school.    


    LOVE TO READ? Join the KAHS Book Club OR our Reading Olympics Team! See Dr. Boyer!  


    • Over 14,000 Fiction and Nonfiction titles and References
    • Primary Source History documents
    • KAHS Yearbooks from 1945 to present

    DON’T MISS THE COUGAR CORNER AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO THE LIBRARY.  Here you’ll find current KAHS news articles from local news.

    In addition to our own collection, KAHS students have complete access to the state’s interlibrary-loan database, ACCESS PA.  With over 70 million holdings in school, public, special, and academic libraries across the state, students’ reading and research needs are readily met!



    BORROWING: ALL books, references, videos, and magazines are loaned for 2 weeks. All items are renewable unless another student has placed a reserve on the item. Items borrowed through interlibrary-loan generally are loaned for 3 or 4 weeks.


    Twenty-first century students are engulfed in media and information. While accessing information resources has never been faster, discerning which of these resources is high quality has never been more complex.  Media literacy involves learning how to do research, critically evaluating various media forms, and ethically using the information found.  Skillful media users successfully access, evaluate and utilize information for personal learning and problem solving.

    Media literacy skills are not just to help students complete school projects; they are life-long and life-wide skills.  Knowing how to find and access the best information gives students a great advantage. Making informed decisions becomes easier when one has strong media literacy skills.

    Librarians work closely with content teachers in promoting these skills and helping to meet various core PA Academic Standards (1.1 Reading Independently; 1.2 Reading Critically; 1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature; 1.6 Speaking and Listening; 1.8 Research).

    I look forward to helping you with all of your reading and information needs!    

    Dr. Brenda Boyer