Chrome Book Expections

  • Expectations for the KASD 1:1 Chrome Book Program


    • Bring the device each day to school, fully charged. It's best to get in the habit of charging the laptop at the end of the day each day. That way, you get a full night's charge and will be ready for the start of school the next day.
    • Carry the laptop in its protective case at all times.
    • Store the laptop in a safe place when not in use. If you are not using the laptop during a portion of a class, or outside of class, be sure to store it in the satchel in a safe location. Place the device, in the satchel, in your locker when outside of class.
    • You have been granted the privilege to take the device home. The laptop is school district property and the privilege can be revoked at any time.
    • Keep electronic communication school-related. During instructional activities, electronic communication is to be focused solely on the activity at hand. No non-school related e-communication is allowed during the school day.
    • Your laptop is specifically assigned to you with a code, unique to you and you alone. This means that responsibility for the device physically and virtually is YOUR responsibility. Do NOT share your device or password with anyone.
    • The laptop is the property of the Kutztown Area School District and as a result, may be subject to inspection at any time. There is NO expectation of privacy for materials found on any KASD electronic device or supported email service.
    • As long as you are in possession of a school-issued device, the Acceptable Use Policy remains in effect regardless of location.

    Proper Care and Handling of the Chrome Book

     Here are some basic tips for handling your laptop in a proper manner. Most may seem obvious, but we can never be too careful.

    • Do not set or use the laptop near any food, liquids (especially soda) or objects of extreme heat. Keep it out of direct sunlight and rain.
    • Do not leave your laptop in plain sight unattended, in public, as someone may take it.
    • When transporting your laptop use only the satchel the school provided.
    • If you need to clean the screen, use a damp soft cloth (such as those used for sunglasses) and wipe the screen in a circular motion.
    • If you should spill liquid on the device, turn the device off IMMEDIATELY, keep it off, and inform your teacher. If a spill happens at home turn the device off IMMEDIATELY, KEEP it off, DO NOT CHARGE IT and get it to the office as soon as possible. The more you add power to the device, the more you damage it. The longer you wait to turn it in for repair the more damage may occur.


     In addition to your laptop you will receive; 

    •  Protective Satchel a.k.a "swag bag" (provided by the school)
    •  Power cord
    •  Power adapter




    You will be subject to disciplinary actions if:

    1. If you take your laptop to 8th-grade lunch.

    2. If your laptop is left unattended anywhere, other than your locker.

    3. If you damage your laptop or someone else's laptop.

    4. If any part of the districts Acceptable Use Policy has been violated.