Art Room Etiquette---Classroom Discipline

  • Art Room Etiquette

    A cohesive learning environment is established by setting disciplinary boundaries, offering a well-structured classroom, providing security, assisting students with difficulties and discussing misbehavior in straightforward ways.  Following through consistently when misbehavior takes place sets up a good discipline based classroom.  If a discussion over misbehavior fails, withdrawal of privileges would take place.  This should be used only as a last resort because it is too often counterproductive. 

    Behavior is a matter of choice and students choose to behave the way they do.  It is my goal to help them to behave appropriately in the classroom by being sincere with each and every student about their work and attitudes.  Genuine caring through nurturing self-esteem is what all students need to attain through good communication skills in the classroom and life.  Parents also play an important role in good discipline.  Their support is vital as well. 

    The essence of discipline and motivation is caring enough to not let anything interfere with teaching and learning.  Discipline provides an essential setting within which learning can occur efficiently and be enjoyable.  This can be done diplomatically by developing a manner of UNIVERSAL RESPECT.

    Art Room Etiquette / Rules

    -       Respect must be given to the teacher

    -       Respect must be given to the classroom (which included materials and tools)

    -       Respect must be given to other students (which includes their artwork)

    -       Respect must be given to themselves (which includes their own artwork)

    -       During demonstrations and instructions, no student should be talking.

    -       During discussions one student may speak at a time.

    -       Side conversations not pertaining to the lesson are not permitted during instruction time.

    -       HAVE FUN

    “We need to give ourselves permission to be human, to try and to stumble.  Life is not a spelling bee where one mistake wipes out all we have done right.”