KAMS required Summer Reading Initiative




    Read ONE BOOK & answer questions about the book:


    Select ONE of the following Jordan Sonnenblick books: 

     Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie


    Notes from the Midnight Driver


    Falling Over Sideways



    Complete the following questions about the book: (handwrite in pen—I must be able to read your handwriting or type your answers)


    1. Explain the title.
    2. What changes does the protagonist (main character) go through?
    3. Summarize this book in one sentence.
    4. What did you like OR dislike about the book?
    5. What feedback would you give the author?




    If you have any questions or concerns:

    • contact me at: kharing@kasd.org
    • visit the Kutztown Public Library for a FREE copy of either book in various versions (audio, digital, large print, etc.


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