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  • On this page, you will find general information regarding this class...

    Units to be covered:

    • Scientific Method
    • Ecology & Environmental Issues
    • Microscopy & Cells
    • Cell Transport
    • Mitosis, Meiosis, & Cancer
    • Genetics
    • CSI – Crime Scene Investigation
    • Classification, Geologic Time Scale, & Diversity of Life through the 6 Kingdoms
    • Bacteria, Viruses, Protists, & Fungi
    • Plants
    • Invertebrates
    • Vertebrates

     Experiments & Activities:

                Students will be experiencing science in ways never before imagined throughout this school year.  Experimental activities will occur at least once a week.  The students will be manipulating and handling live organisms, dissecting, simulating environmental problems, experimenting, using technology. and participating in a wide variety of other activities.  In order to partake in all these experiences, the safety contract that both you and your parents signed should be reviewed to ensure complete precautions are taken for all involved.

     Science Binder:

                Students must have one binder that contains only SCIENCE materials.  Within this notebook, students are required to keep their class notes, assignments, handouts and daily starters.  Keeping an organized notebook can become a difficult task, and I am willing to help in whatever way that your child may need.


    -      Note sheets on every unit

    -      Worksheets for activities and review

    -      Lab reports

    -      Experimental reflections

    -      Outdoor investigations and journaling

    -      Writing assignments

    -      Tests and Projects

    Below, you will find documents that correspond to: double period dates and times, experiment permission slip, parent letter, rules and grading information, safety contract, how to access the wiki page, and newspaper activity assignment...

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