Future Ready

  •  The Future Ready Schools District Pledge, developed by the U.S. Department of Education in October 2014, is a commitment by district leaders to work with educators, families, and community members to make all schools in their districts Future Ready Schools. The Future Ready Schools effort will encourage and support superintendents as they transition their districts to personalized, digital learning.

    Department of Education 
    I, George Fiore, Superintendent of Kutztown Area School District do hereby affirm the commitment of this district to work with students, educators, families, and members of our community to become Future Ready by engaging in a wide range of activities such as:

    Fostering and Leading a Culture of Digital Learning Within Our Schools.

    Future Ready Schools district leadership teams work collaboratively to transform teaching and learning using the power of technology to help drive continuous improvement. We work together to protect student privacy and to teach students to become responsible, engaged, and contributing digital citizens. 

    Helping Schools and Families Transition to High-speed Connectivity. 
    Future Ready Schools districts conduct comprehensive diagnostic assessments of the district’s technology infrastructure and develop a sustainable plan to ensure broadband classroom connectivity and wireless access. Future Ready Schools districts work with community partners to leverage local, state, and federal resources to support home Internet access outside of traditional school hours. 

    Empowering Educators through Professional Learning Opportunities. 
    Future Ready Schools districts strive to provide everyone with access to personalized learning opportunities and instructional experts that give teachers and leaders the individual support they need, when they need it. Future Ready Schools districts provide tools to help teachers effectively leverage learning data to make better instructional decisions. 

    Accelerating Progress Toward Universal Access for All Students to Quality Devices. 
    Future Ready Schools districts work with necessary stakeholders to ensure that all students and educators across the district have regular access to devices for learning. Future Ready Schools districts develop tools to support a robust infrastructure for managing and optimizing safe and effective use of technology, so students have opportunities to be active learners, creating and sharing content, not just consuming it. 

    Providing Access to Quality Digital Content. 
    Future Ready Schools districts align, curate, create, and consistently improve digital materials and apps used in the support of learning. Future Ready Schools districts use carefully selected high quality digital content that is aligned to college and career ready standards as an essential part of daily teaching and learning. Teachers are able to share, discover, and adapt openly-licensed materials and teaching plans. 

    Offering Digital Tools to Help Students And Families #ReachHigher. 
    Future Ready Schools districts make digital resources available that help access expanded college, career, and citizenship opportunities. Future Ready Schools districts promote ways to leverage technology to expand equity through digital activities such as completion of the FAFSA online, virtual counseling services, college scholarship search tools, and online advising access, all of which help to return America to the nation in the world with the highest college completion rate by 2020. 

    Mentoring Other Districts and Helping Them Transition to Digital Learning. 
    Future Ready Schools districts work to design, implement, and share their technology plans. Future Ready Schools districts join regional summits, participate in an online Connected Superintendents community of practice, and publish their Future Ready Schools technology plan at a site such as www.MyDistrict.org/FutureReady.