About Elementary Report Cards

  • The Kutztown Area School District is committed to an educational program that provides all students with opportunities to meet high educational standards. Inherent in this commitment is a process designed to assess student learning and report that information to parents and students.

    The information found in this report card is designed to provide parents and students with details of progress toward meeting learning standards. The standards represent significant benchmarks that students should meet by the end of the school year but they are not an exhaustive list of all standards that are a part of the curriculum at any given grade-level. Each assessment provides a picture of where a student is performing at that particular point in the school year. It’s very important to recognize that this is only one source of learning information about students. Samples of work that are examined throughout the year, conferences with teachers and other items that reflect student learning are all sources of information about progress in meeting grade-level standards.

    If after reviewing this report card you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher. Working together we can help each child meet these high learning standards.

Report Card Preview