Mrs. DiCello - Fitness & Wellness

  • Welcome to my Home Page!


          My name is Angela DiCello. I have been working at Kutztown Area High School for the past eight years and I have truly grown to appreciate the school, staff, and students. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 2005, with a Health and Physical Education degree and received my Masters of Science in Sports Management in 2007. I am a certified group aerobic instructor and personal trainer where I received my certification through AFAA. 
          As a Fitness Teacher I want to motivate students, and help them to realize that they can feel much better on a daily basis by simply eating properly and getting the right amount of exercise. Do not expect your child to come to Fitness class and chat. Expect your child to have forty-five minutes of intense physical training.I love to workout and I love the feelling of finishing a really great workout. I believe I can help any student reach their goals by providing the skills to live a fit life-style and always keeping workouts fun yet challenging! I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as well as trying to help others achieve the same anyway I can. I will do my best to stay educated in my field and to pass it along to my students.

    I can be contacted via email at this is the best way to get a hold of me because I am not in my room for the majority of the day.