Guidance Services

  • Guidance counselors serve at the secondary schools to assist students with course selections, to meet with and counsel individuals or groups of students in order to help them overcome obstacles to learning and personal growth, to provide career information, and to guide in the selection of a prospective career and further education. Guidance counselors also serve as an important liaison between the school and the home, and provide parents with information on the student's progress in school.


    Mr. Andrew Brett
    Grades 9 & 11
    Class of 2023 and Class of 2021
    Contact: (484) 641-5539 

    Ms. Lauren Cicale Smith
    Grades 10 & 12
    Class of 2022 and Class of 2020
    Contact:  (484) 641-5541

    Mrs. Stephanie Schumaker
    Guidance Office Secretary
    Contact: (484) 641-5549

    Current and past issues of the Cougar Update are available for preview / download. Information pertaining to upcoming college visitations, fairs, and open houses, scholarship opportunities, useful online resources, and upcoming district events are found within the Cougar Update. Additionally, the K-12 Guidance Plan can also be found here.